Spring snow

April 28, 2010

grass, earth and flowers

I went out drawing today.

While I was walking the dog, I saw this cherry tree. The striking thing was how the blossoms had fallen on the ground. They have woven with the spouting grass and the muddy earth, decorating the ground like a luxury blanket. Yet it’s so gentle and fragile, like the first layer of snow that had just touched the ground- absolutely beautiful yet disappears with a blink of the eye.

so I took the dog home and rushed back with paints and brushes. I was too excited I felt restless like a balloon that was about to bust with all the energy inside.

As an artist, I am always looking for colours. Right in front of me, I found one of the best examples. There were so many colours in just a palm sized ground, or even just on a blossom petal. I was over whelmed with all the colours that I was lost for words. The colour of the earth, the grass, the blossoms and the passing beetle all sent little electric currents to my heart. Wind blowing; clouds passing; people chatting; dogs running; the only still things I could gasp were me and these marvelous wonders of nature. It felt like I was having an quiet and intimate conversation with them that only I could understand. Everything else blurred out of the pleasurable indulgence and satisfying solitude I enjoyed when I painted.

I ended up squatting more than three hours. By then I couldn’t hold the brushes properly because of the cold. finally I had to lay on the snow of spring flowers to relax my numbed legs and wondered whether those petals would melt away underneath me. Looking at the racing clouds above my head, I felt dizzy and drunk on my new found well-being.


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