Notes on the new Victoria Beckham collection

April 12, 2010

Leading fashion editors at the presentation of the collection

I saw an article praising Victoria Beckham’s new clothing collection in the Times. I couldn’t stop feeling the opposite.

It is ignorant to produce clothes which only flatter one type of body shape, these clothes are not made for real women. We aren’t all in the shape of a skinny chopstick. There are a variety of

the Cloud Dress, a favourite of the designer

types: a bumpy sweetcorn, a round apple, a bellied pear or an irregular potato – well maybe a sweet potato because it sounds better. However her clothes are fitted with corsets and of very tight fits, which means unless you have a tummy like a washboard, you are going to suffer in two ways: one, you can’t breathe, which is very restraining and uncomfortable; another, you can’t eat, because the worry of exposing your satisfied tummy after a meal.


Therefore I don’t think these clothes are of good design. Surely a good piece of clothing should compliment your look, showing your good assets and hiding the bad ones without appearing to have tried too hard. Good clothes should give you confidence, but it should not stop you from being yourself.

Another problem I have with the collection is how minimalist they are. It doesn’t matter how

The collection

many corsets are in them, they all look similar, conservative, and lacking imagination or charm. There are other ways of making a great outfit, such as a mixture of colours, interesting fabrics and professional tailoring: for pure fantasy look at Alexander McQueen; for brave statements think of Viviene Westwood or for great cuts go for Burberry.

There is an absence of skill in her collection. If she went back to college and learned more basic skills and techniques, I believe she has great potential. With fame, wealth and influence, she will have the world of fashion kneeling at her feet.

Jennifer Hudson, Cameron Diaz and Demi Moore in the Beckham look

Even though I won’t be buying a piece of Mrs. Beckham’s just yet, I have learned a very valuable lesson from her. Despite being Mrs. Beckham, I respect her for kept her brand going even when the critics were skeptical at first. After three shows, she has finally started to crack the extreme fashion world. (images taken from The Times)


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